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89x's Journal

89x radio + concert fans
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89x is a radio station [88.7] located in southeastern Michigan, (and some surrounding areas) and Canada. It's the only "new rock alternative" station but some would like to disagree, even their fans. This community isn't just based on the radio station. It is based on music in general for us local kids. Feel free to plug and only plug communties/anything that is based on music and music only. Preferrably local shit and stuff.

There are some rules, just to make things easier.

  • Like i've already stressed, if you're going to plug do it based on music. It doesn't exactly have to deal with 89x but keep it music related.

  • If you're going to post pictures, size them down and only one is allowed outside an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do one, then you shouldn't be posting pictures now should you?

  • I am a human being, I do have a life. Unfortunatly livejournal isn't it. I am not constantly checking up on the community. So if you do feel like breaking the rules and I do finally comment on it and warn you. Respect me and remove it immediatly. Or i'll take action and delete it. The next time you do it again, you're banned. Its stupid shit and not hard to follow rules.

  • Feel free to plug local bands, talk about upcoming concerts, share a concert you just went too. Other music than what is played on 89x is appreciated. Try and get good bands names out there, im sure they'll appreciate it!

  • Don't cause drama, it's stupid, pointless and very immature.

  • Respect others and their opinions. Remember To each their own.

  • You have your own personal journals for stupid petty bullshit. Keep it there.

  • If you need to contact me for any reason, make sure its good. Don't go commenting in my journal. You can either email me at pleasedontsaygoodbye@hotmail.com.

    Check out
    Dropset's Website
    Dropset's Purevolume page
    The Livingston Underground
    (They also have a community on here, join!)

    Michigan Related communities to check out;
    dropset The Dropset Community
    liveunderground The Livingston Underground Comunity.
    tomakebelieve_ The Armor For Sleep community.
    emotionalband_ The EMOtionalband community.
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    savethemusic The Save the music community.

    If you want anything added there, just let me know and i'll gladly promote!

    That is all.

    The awesome mod;